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Thursday, August 13, 2009

The Latest

I took a few minutes and glanced back over previous months and found I have been doing horrible as of late. So I'm going to try and sum up the last couple of months worth of activities.
Starting with what Owen has been up to:
* Balls, balls, balls, balls. Throwing them mostly but now and then shooting them into his basket. Every garage sale we went to one Saturday he found either a ball he wanted or an actual basketball goal...and all but one were not for sale :)! We are currently working on distinguishing that balls can be thrown but piggy banks, books, shoes, cups, etc. can't be :)!
* He also loves his piggy banks. He has four of them and we put money in them at least once a day. Let me clarify....I open up the bottom of the piggy bank and get money out that can be put back in. We ran out of change so we're recycling!
* Fly swatting is another favorite activity. Daddy taught him this one.
* And most recently he discovered the fun of flashlights (we were using one to look for Mommy's lost cell phone)!

As for Todd and Myself:
* First, the back yard. Well, I can pretty much sum it up in two progress. Kind of a bummer, but we are hopeful it'll be done soon.
* Todd has taken on an additional title at church called "Equipping Director". In a nutshell he is trying to help our congregation discover what gifts God has specifically given each of them to use in ministry, and then to have them serve God in that ministry. A pretty big job!
* I'm still at home with O and loving it!
* Todd and I got the opportunity to go to one of my oldest friend's weddings, and Todd performed his first wedding ceremony...very cool!