Wednesday, November 11, 2009

18 Months Old!

Owen had his 18 month appointment today, so I thought I'd record the stats and high points and low points to look back on someday!

Height - 32 3/4 inches - 60th percentile
Weight - 27. 1 lbs. - 60th percentile

Developmentally he would be ahead of schedule except for his speech. His gross and fine motor skills are in high gear, but speech is lagging behind. The Dr. recommended we get a speech evaluation done on him. This isn't the first person who has recommended it so it looks like we'll get one scheduled. Ears are looking good....woo-hoo! And last the Dr. kindly told me that the "terrible 2's" begin now :)! Thought I'd include a pic of his latest "face" that cracks us up....Daddy taught it to him :)!