Friday, October 8, 2010

6 Months....where did the time go?!?

Today Aubryn turned 6 months old so thought it's time I post a little more about her.....

* She smiles more than any baby I've ever's infectious and adorable!

* Her super stinky gas has subsided :)!

* She sits up all by herself.

* She loves bath time!

* She loves her big brother!

* She poops out her diaper about every fourth diaper !

* She's become a "Mommy's Girl" in the last couple of months.

* She puts everything in her mouth....there has to be a tooth coming soon!

* She still has us guessing on how to get her on a better sleep schedule....specifically one that will
get her to sleep through the entire night!

* Everyone always says "She's sooo happy!"

* Her favorite hang out place is the exersaucer.

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